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Masks That Hide Us (18/?)

September 28th, 2007 (10:19 pm)

Title: Masks That Hide Us
Rating: PG (for now)
Author: lifeisnotragedy
Chapters 18/?
Pairing: Peter/Claire (mentions of Claire/Andy and Peter/Niki but just for a while)
Spoilers: Season I finale (but specially Five Years Gone)
Warnings: None I can think of
Short Summary: What if New York didn’t blow up…but things turned out almost exactly as in Five Years Gone? Peter is a broken soul – believing he killed Claire. Claire is alive but running from her true identity to get away from the memories of Peter – who she believes is dead. AU (find out inside why)
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…except maybe this computer I’m writing on…
Beta: bewareofgirl
Authors note: Thanks to kissedtragedy (Gina) for the banner. Let me know what you guys think… Xposted at paire_love
Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 & 16 17

Masks that hide us

Chapter 18

Claire was still sleeping the shock off when Peter called Hiro and Ando to the mansion. They showed up promptly and Peter had thanked them immensely. Ando wasn’t to happy when he heard what Peter was planning and tried to talk him out of it but Hiro had nodded his head.

“It would only take a few seconds for us to jump between the two. She wouldn’t even know you were away.” Hiro explained as Ando threw his hands up in frustration and stomped out of the room to Claire.

Ando sat down in the chair opposite Claire and sighed as he spoke in Japanese to himself more than to Claire.

“Peter has that look in his eyes. That one he had when he heard you were dead. I don’t know what he expects to find there – the future holds no answers for him.”


It was easy finding future Claire’s house; much easier than Peter had expected it to be.

He ordered Hiro to open the door, going invisible just in case.

The door swung open to reveal Claire Bennet (future) standing in a yellow summer dress. Peter was amazed to see that she had not changed. She eyed Hiro suspiciously before letting him in. Hiro sat down on the couch opposite Claire while Peter stood behind it.

“Hiro Nakamura.” She stated plainly.
“Claire, I’m looking for Peter – is he here?” surprisingly Claire gave a sweet smile as she combed her hand through her hair.
“So I see I was right. Took you long enough to get here. Always wondered when Hiro from the past would show up.” Hiro and Peter’s jaws hit the ground.
“How…how did you know?” Hiro asked quickly and Claire sighed.

“Three reasons. One, Hiro Nakamura is dead in my time. Sylar killed him during the battle with Peter. Two - even if you had survived that - you wouldn’t remember Peter. Lastly,” Claire paused as her eyes searched the room and landed on the invisible Peter. “You never survived Peter. I watched you die.”

Silence filled the room as Peter materialized, holding the couch for support. Claire did not stand to greet him but her eyes lit up with a sudden sadness.

“He – he won?” Peter stuttered and Claire nodded sadly.
“Don’t know how exactly. I was giving birth when it happened. I just got there when you –“ she stopped and Peter didn’t say anything to make her continue.
“But you’re alive…” Hiro stated and Claire sighed.
“Sylar told you that he wanted me and the baby and that’s what he got. He absorbed all your powers so he’s indestructible. After the battle it wasn’t hard to kill the Haitian and erase all our family and friends’ memories. To them Peter Petrelli never existed.”

“Mom! Molly wants to know if I want to go shopping with them!”

A teenage voice was heard throughout the house and Peter tensed up. He spotted the blonde hair and dark eyes before she had even landed on the bottom step of the stairs. His daughter was exceptionally beautiful, like her mother, with the long golden locks and eyes. But she had his mouth and long legs, tanned skin.

“Brooke, I’m busy with something right now. Wait till your father gets home.” Claire ordered but Peter noticed how Claire’s face fell at the final piece of her sentence. Brooke didn’t move from her spot as she studied Peter closely.

“You’re him. Mom dreams about you almost every night.” Brooke stated and Peter’s eyes darted to Claire’s who could only sigh.
“Brooke walks dreams, that’s her power. Though I told her to stay out of my and Gabriel’s dreams.”
“Understandable.” Hiro nodded but Peter said nothing as he and Brooke stared at each other.
“I looked for you. Had Molly look for you. But she said you’re soul wasn’t on the earth – that she couldn’t find you.” Brooke continued and Peter smirked.
“Yeah well no thanks to Sy-“
“Peter.” Claire spoke quickly and he sighed and turned away from them.
“You have to go now – Gabriel will be here any moment. I will not risk you two in the same room. Please leave Peter.” Claire said softly as she stood and engulfed him with her tiny arms. Leaning closer she whispered to him.
“Brooke Abigail Petrelli, she’s 16 now. Please beat him Peter.” And then her grip was gone and she flew into the kitchen.

Hiro and Peter stood, grabbing each other’s arms, as they started the process to teleport back to their own time.

As the view started blurring, Peter could just make Brooke out as she mouthed to him.

“Goodbye Daddy.”


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Damn this is amazing.. Please don't let their future turn out that way!! Update soon!

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