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Masks That Hide Us (17/?)

September 28th, 2007 (10:17 pm)

Title: Masks That Hide Us
Rating: PG (for now)
Author: lifeisnotragedy
Chapters 1/?
Pairing: Peter/Claire (mentions of Claire/Andy and Peter/Niki but just for a while)
Spoilers: Season I finale (but specially Five Years Gone)
Warnings: None I can think of
Short Summary: What if New York didn’t blow up…but things turned out almost exactly as in Five Years Gone? Peter is a broken soul – believing he killed Claire. Claire is alive but running from her true identity to get away from the memories of Peter – who she believes is dead. AU (find out inside why)
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…except maybe this computer I’m writing on…
Authors note: Thanks to kissedtragedy (Gina) for the banner. Let me know what you guys think… also…I will only post the first chapter for now…on the bottom of every chapter is a link to the next. Once you have read all those…I will start updating on this site as well. Xposted at paire_love
Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 & 16

Masks that hide us

Chapter 17

Claire watched as Zach furiously typed on his computer. Lyle had gone out for the day – classes and all that – while Zach needed to stay behind and work on his thesis. This left Claire to watch her friend and slowly yet very unconsciously rub her hand over her stomach. Peter’s Emo jacket hung loosely over her shoulders.

The door opened on its own accord which came as no shock to either of them. They’d both seen weirder things in their time as friends.

“Now see, Princess, I didn’t know that being a dad meant I had to fly half way across the country to come find you.” His voice was slow and steady and Claire’s eyes immediately met his. Claude materialized as Zach turned towards them.

“Zach – this is my father Claude. Claude – this is Zach.” She introduced and Claude nodded towards Zach who smiled.

A few minutes later, Claire and Claude stood outside in the courtyard of the dorm.

“So, Hiro split on me?” Claire smiled and Claude smirked.

“Your little friend is good with teleportation. But, love, if you’re going to keep secrets, I suggest you don’t give him any.”
He paused, “You know, love, running away wasn’t the best option…” the look Claire gave him stopped him in mid-sentence.
“Claude, Peter chose his path…so I’m choosing mine.”


Peter stared at her small handwriting across the paper, tear blotches all over the page. Sighing he closed his eyes and locked into Molly Walker’s power – because now wasn’t the time for Claire to be off looking for herself.


The walk back to the dorm room was silent. Father and daughter had spent nearly half an hour talking but now it was time for Claude to return to New York. He dropped her off in the hallway, turning invisible as he made his way out and back to his motel.

Claire sighed as she opened the door and walked in.

“Zach! I’m home!” her laughter filled the room until a sudden chill coursed through her.

Her scream was swallowed by the unnatural chill as she fell down and hugged Zach’s lifeless body to her. Blood seeped through Peter’s jacket as she cried over his body. His once lively eyes were frozen in fear, cold, lifeless. His unruly hair matted with blood as it lay away from his body and one straight slash across his forehead.

For in that moment it occurred to Claire that Peter had been right all along…

Sylar was back.


Claire jumped, crouching protectively over her friends’ body, turning towards the sound. Sylar walked out from behind the shadows, a grin covering his face.

“Good work if I have to say so myself. I thought I might be out of practice…but I see I can still do it!” Sylar laughed and Claire froze. Her tears and screams were completely obliterated as she suddenly feared for her and her unborn child.
“Sy – Sylar.”

“The one and only; I must admit – I was really surprised to hear that you were alive. Even after everyone so clearly believed you weren’t. But it’s a good thing.” He didn’t explain further and Claire felt the bile rising in her throat.
“Get away from me!” she growled out; fighting every instinct inside of her to run. It was pointless…if Sylar wanted to kill her there would be no running. Not again.
“Don’t you mean us , Claire?” Sylar motioned towards her stomach and Claire immediately wrapped her arms around her body.
“I want that baby, Claire. I want you and that baby…and I won’t stop at anything to have you.” Sylar made a move towards her but stopped dead in his tracks.

“Get the hell away from her.”

The growl came from behind Sylar, who turned to find Peter Petrelli standing there with a look of utter hatred on him. Gone was the Peter everyone knew and love – kind, gentle Peter. In his place was the Peter that had spent five years working on his powers – the hard, ruthless Peter.

“Welcome back Peter; I see you got the message.” Sylar joked as he broke through Peter’s hold. Peter paused for a split second (pausing time along with him), before he materialized in front of Claire. He picked her up into his arms and teleported them back to their house.

Peter knew he had to chose – fighting Sylar or getting Claire out of there.

It was obvious what he had chosen.

Because after all, love conquered hate.

But he wasn’t so sure that it would help Claire as she turned into a mental mess at her friends’ death. All that Peter could do was to grab her in his arms and pull her blood stained body to his.